How To Make Your First Tutoring Session Great

December 21, 2022

  Tutors have the opportunity to make a pretty big impact on their students’ lives. You have the chance to reach your students in ways that their large group instructors and parents don’t. You’re in an environment that poses significantly less pressure, you’re not giving them a grade, and you’re certainly not going to present […]

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Effective Questioning Techniques For Online Tutors

November 17, 2022

Plenty of research has been done to prove how important effective questioning techniques are in an academic setting, but without purposeful planning, your question game as a tutor might be lacking. If your students seem to be too dependent on you for right answers and stare at you like “Well?” even if the answer to […]

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Creating Good Homework Habits With Your Students

November 8, 2022

Maybe you’ve seen influencer parents whose children all tumble in the door and, with the aid of some gentle parenting, organize themselves in a row to complete their homework without a peep of complaint. What’s their trick?  They stop recording if the kids give any push back. Real life can be organized and peaceful, but […]

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Managing Parent Expectations As An Online Tutor

September 26, 2022

Reaching students is the reason you’re a tutor, but one of the less talked about issues that tutors face is how to work with parents, too. Sometimes parents can require more managing than their students do, so helping parents understand what reasonable expectations look like can be tricky. Here are some tips from Train The […]

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5 Mistakes To Avoid As An Online Tutor

August 23, 2022

Being a tutor is an important responsibility! Your students are relying on you to help them improve their academic life, but how you approach each session can also impact how much you increase their confidence, independence, and likelihood to come back to you for help again in the future. Here are Train The Brain’s five […]

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