Do You Need Homework Help or a Tutor?

Are you struggling with a school homework assignment or to understand a concept in class? It’s not uncommon for students to have difficulty understanding subject matter. Tutors can help you get that extra attention you need to better understand your coursework and excel with your assignments.

The question is: do you need homework help, or do you need tutoring? 

Homework Help vs Tutoring: What’s the Difference?

At some point, most students will need help understanding a subject or a certain concept. Some need just a little help completing an assignment, while others need more in-depth help. 

There’s a difference between needing help with homework and help from a tutor.

Homework Help

Homework help is more specialized than tutoring. When students need help completing a certain assignment, they may just need homework help. This assistance is specific to the chapter and subject matter covered by the assignment.

The student will receive guidance or help completing the assignment, and that’s the extent of the assistance. The person helping out with the assignment will also ensure that the student understands the subject matter covered in the homework assignment.

When it’s Useful

Jodie is having trouble completing a history assignment. A tutor helps guide her through the assignment and clears up confusion about the part of the subject matter that’s making it difficult for her to complete it. 

Jodie’s difficulty is directly related to the homework assignment itself. Outside of this assignment, she’s not having any issues grasping concepts. Once the homework assignment is complete, she may never need to work with the tutor again.


When a student is having trouble understanding a subject, a tutor may step in to help. The student may be failing a subject or just having trouble keeping up with the subject matter. They may be having trouble understanding multiple concepts and are generally falling behind.  The frustration felt by a student who is struggling to understand the general direction of a course and who is falling behind in their work can be devastating to their motivation and self-confidence as a learner.  It is important to recognize this and move forward with a plan for tutoring which can help boost morale.

When it’s Useful

Max has been falling behind in Algebra. He’s failed his last two tests and hasn’t been doing well on his homework assignments. He’s having trouble catching up because he’s confused about many of the concepts in the curriculum. 

A tutor will work with Max over several sessions to help him understand concepts that he doesn’t understand. The tutor will provide one-on-one instruction and will continue to work with Max until his grades improve and he’s caught up. Each lesson will build on the previous lesson with Max’s frustration lessening and his confidence in his ability to learn the material increasing.

Tutoring is very similar to classroom instruction, but it’s on a more personal level. Because tutoring sessions occur at regular intervals, this one-on-one help is essential to a struggling, frustrated student. Tutoring sessions could be daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  Whatever it takes for your student to learn and grow should be the goal.

Which One Do You Need?

Do you need homework help or tutoring? The answer is simpler than you think. Ask yourself the following:

  • ➡ Am I only struggling with this one assignment?
  • ➡ Am I having trouble keeping up with the rest of the class?
  • ➡ Is this a subject that I normally struggle with and could use more one-on-one instruction?


If you’re only having difficulty with one assignment and one small area of the subject matter, you may just need some homework help. A tutor can provide one or two sessions to provide more personal instruction to help you understand the concepts covered in the assignment.

However, if you’re struggling with a subject overall, tutoring may be required. Tutoring will provide more in-depth instruction with structured lessons on a regular basis.

Here’s a simplified explanation:

  • ➡ Homework help is short-term academic assistance.
  • ➡ Tutoring is long-term support on a regular basis. It’s typically focused on one subject, but multiple subjects can be covered if necessary.


Online Tutoring & Homework Help At Train The Brain

Whether you need help with a homework assignment or ongoing tutoring, we can help. 

We offer unlimited, on-demand tutoring for students of all levels through our Train the Brain online tutoring platform. 

If you’re having trouble completing an assignment or struggling with a subject, you can schedule an online tutoring session with an expert tutor. Online tutoring is available 24/7 and at no extra charge to students.

Live one-on-one tutoring is also available to students in need. This service is available for free for our traditional middle school and high school students. For summer school students and adult students, this tutoring service is available for a small fee.

Course worksheets and lecture videos are also available that can help you better understand the course material. Videos can be watched as many times as you need and whenever you want. Being able to go back and view or read the course material several times can also help you better understand core concepts for each course.

We are dedicated to helping students succeed with their education. Through our proprietary system, students can access both live online tutoring and homework help, increasing their confidence and motivation to learn. 

Our team of tutors are highly educated and prepared to help you accomplish all of your goals!

Train The Brain is dedicated to providing world-class service at a price anyone can afford. If you’re looking for online tutoring services or homework help, sign up for an account or call us at 888-299-3506 for more information.


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