How Online Tutoring Can Help Undo Pandemic Damage

Undo Pandemic Damage With Online Tutoring

As parents and students have returned to the normal routines of work and school, the serious nature of learning lost during the pandemic is clear to everyone.  During this time of fluctuation and change for students – in school, out of school, online, back in person, then finally back online – student learning suffered. In fact, the term “COVID Slide” has become a permanent part of teachers’ and families’ vocabularies. And although some reports reported that reading performance remained stable, students in 19 states experienced an estimated math loss of 136 to 232 days leading to an achievement drop in mathematics of 5 to 10 percentile points.

In fact, districts across the country are trying to supply tutors, but for most schools, one-on-one tutoring is not achievable, leaving the results lacking. Schools across the country agree that what students need are tutors that could be available 24/7 for one-on-one online tutoring.

What are the advantages of repeated and consistent one-on-one tutoring that make it the most productive platform for catching up?

Consistent One-on-One Tutoring Works

The most important advantage is that one-on-one tutoring works. Research done by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that high-dosage tutoring – meaning one-on-one tutoring at least three times a week or at least 50 hours over a semester – was the most effective intervention that parents or schools could provide their children. No other intervention comes close to the progress made through consistent, individualized tutoring. It’s no wonder that demand for tutors due to COVID Slide has escalated.

This type of tutoring works because the tutor has time to get to know your student as an individual learner and develop a plan specific for them. When you have an expert in a field of study spending direct time with a student, that expert gets to know how your student thinks, what they already know, and what specific skills they need to focus on. This is a great advantage compared to small group reviews or large classroom sizes. Your student’s tutor can tailor lessons to your child’s specific needs, without any wasted time on unnecessary lessons or ineffective teaching techniques.

Services like Train the Brain offer online, one-on-one individualized tutoring that works around your family’s schedule. As long as your student has access to the internet, you can sign up for tutoring, select a tutor, schedule and confirm the appointment, and show up on the day and time you selected for tutoring. We even offer partnerships for schools and districts looking for solutions to the hard-to-swallow academic reality of the pandemic statistics. 

Mentor-Mentee Relationships Improve Confidence

If your student is consistently meeting one-on-one with their tutor, they develop a mentor-mentee relationship with them. Having an adult to mentor you as a young person is important for them to feel seen and heard, and knowing that there is someone reliable available to support you in your academic studies is important for your child to regain the confidence they lost while struggling with their classes.

You might have heard that the ratio of praise to criticism should be 5:1. That can be difficult to achieve when a young person is in a full classroom and can’t always get the attention they need. With a one-on-one tutor, they have the chance to balance the criticism they’ve heard either in the classroom or in their own minds. Having an adult to cheer you on—someone other than your family members to offer you support and say they believe in you—can be the confidence boost your child needs to get through the difficulty of catching up after a period of falling behind.  

Improved Attitude Toward Learning

Most parents want their children to be life-long learners so that they can grow into adults willing to try new things, explore new ideas, and always be headed in a positive direction of growth in their lives. But your child can’t become a life-long learner with a negative attitude toward learning. If their automatic reaction is “I can’t,” then you’ve got an uphill battle.

Tutors help students identify exactly what they already know as they diagnose what learning needs they have. A tutor then helps dissect the problems the students is having with their coursework and figures out how to help them make gains. Every time your students experiences success because of consistent one-on-one tutoring sessions, that “I can’t” voice in their head becomes quieter. They are learning that they might not be able to now, but with practice and guidance they will be able to do it in the future. That’s what all life-long learners understand, and it’s what Train the Brain wants for our students, too. 

If you’re looking for a solution that has been proven effective, you can register for individualized tutoring today. To reach out for more information or with specific questions, you can send us a message here, and you can always check out what our students say by viewing the testimonials on our homepage.

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