Six Signs That It’s Time to Hire a Tutor

You’ve set up a regular study schedule for your kiddo, you’ve supported them but outlined your expectations, and you’ve helped them with their lessons as much as you can.  But here you are, burned out and watching your frustrated child melt-down in front of you.  You feel helpless, but you’re not!

When your student is struggling in school, hiring a tutor is a great step to helping relieve the tension for both of you, bring more peace to your home, and get your student’s academics back on track.   But how do you find a tutor?  How do you know if they’re qualified? And how in the world are you going to fit tutoring into an already busy schedule?

With Train the Brain, hooking your student up with a highly qualified tutor is a piece of cake.  We have price packages based on how many half hour to one hour tutoring sessions you’re looking for. After entering information about what subject area you’re struggling in and if you need help with a specific homework assignment or time for general tutoring, you easily select a tutor from our list of experts based on how well their qualifications match your student’s needs. Because our tutoring sessions are 100% online, our tutor’s schedules are flexible and can work around your family member’s schedules, too.  

So how do you know when you’ve helped all you can, and it’s time to sign up and log in for reinforcements? 

  • • Their motivation for school has disappeared.

Their schoolwork sits untouched, and they’d even choose to do chores before starting their homework.  Your once motivated student is putting off classwork in whatever ways they can.  Or maybe your student has never been motivated for school, and the struggle is just too much now.

  • • They are unorganized.

You have provided your child with all the tools they need to be successful, and maybe you’ve even helped them organize their notes and regularly help them clean out their backpack or make sense of  the files on their tablet.  They’re still coming home with a wad of crumpled assignments and when you log in to the online gradebook, the missing assignments outnumber the ones that are turned in.

  • • Your student’s grades are suffering.

Falling grades is a sign that it’s time to hire a tutor.  Maybe your student has always had a hard time with their schoolwork, or maybe this is a new phenomenon that you’re trying to navigate.  Whatever the reason for the drop in their grades, it’s better to catch the problem as early as possible to prevent a large gap in their learning.

  • • You can’t help them any more than you already have.

As willing as you are to support your child, you’re just out of your depth now.  Perhaps, the tension in your home increases each time that you sit down to try to help your child with their homework, or the coursework has just gotten too advanced.  No amount of review and no number of YouTube videos will bring back some of the information you covered in school however many years ago.  When you need to keep the peace or you’re out of your depth, it’s time to ask for help from a professional tutor.  

  • • They’re having meltdowns.

Your child is trying their best, but the more they try, the worse the helplessness and frustration gets.  You can’t watch your child suffer like this anymore, so it’s time to admit that you need help.  A tutor can help relieve your child’s frustration and get them back into the swing of things with their courses. 

  • • Their confidence is brutally low.

You’ve heard, “I can’t” so many times that you can hear it before your child says it. But when you talk to them, you know that the truth is they truly don’t believe they can be successful anymore.  A tutor can take your student step-by-step through their classwork, help them see where the disconnect is, and give them confidence by helping them recognize everything they already know.  With every successful “aha” moment, you’ll see their smiles return and their confidence grow.  

Young people go through plenty of transitions as they move from grade level to grade level.  There are already plenty of obstacles that your child will have to face, and you’ll be there along the way to help them navigate those challenges.  Hiring a tutor when the signs say they need one is one more way that you can support them.  It’s okay to need help, and Train the Brain is here for you to get the support your student needs.  Sign up today and see what a difference our professional tutors can make!


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