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Online academic help and eLearning opportunities provide a wonderful chance for both shy and introverted students to shine. What’s the difference between being “shy” and being an introvert? For years, the two descriptions were used interchangeably. However, a shy person might actually want to be around other people, but they struggle to overcome a fear of interacting with others. Asking questions in class or being required to participate in class discussions for a grade can be a painful experience for them. On the other hand, introverts enjoy spending time alone and really need be alone to recharge after spending time in a group because they’re usually emotionally spent. 

Whether your student is shy or an introvert, online tutoring is a wonderful opportunity for them to get the help they need without the pain or drain of social interaction. Surely one life skill that you would like your child to learn is how to speak up in class and share their thoughts and areas of confusion. But when your student is struggling academically, the focus on making sure they understand their course content is the priority. Here are some ways that individual online tutoring with professional tutors through Train the Brain can help your shy or introverted student. 

Avoiding the Spotlight

When a student is shy, they often feel like raising their hand in class or asking a clarifying question is like shining a huge spotlight on them. Some students can experience an all-out panic attack at even the thought of speaking in front of the class. Train the Brain’s convenient one-on-one online tutoring or homework help from professionals can help your student catch up or excel without the spotlight shining on them in the classroom. 

Introverted students can often experience similar feelings about asking questions in front of other students. They suddenly become the center of a whole-class response to their question. They are the center of attention, and that attention is emotionally draining. With online tutoring, they can save that social energy for the things they love outside the classroom: extra-curricular activities, time with friends…and maybe even have the energy to answer that “How was your day?” you ask with more than a grunt and shoulder shrug!

A Racing Mind

Along with the panic that can set in when your student needs to ask a question, they can also experience a racing mind. They know they don’t understand, but they aren’t quite sure how to word the question. They might have multiple questions without the words or ability to narrow it down to one clear expressive thought. That is terrifying and exhausting, too!

With individual online tutoring, the group pressure is off. Your student has their own tutor that they can work with in a quiet space online, giving them the time and the energy to formulate their thoughts. Our tutors are experienced working with students, so they know what to ask and how to be patient with a young person who isn’t sure how to express their confusion. They know their stuff, too, so they might be able to lend words to the questions that your child needs answers to.

Social Pressures

Some people can rattle off questions and walk away at the end of the day, head held high and unphased by anything. It’s part of a teen’s development to worry that not only is there a spotlight shining on them, but everyone is also going to make fun of them for not knowing how to do something. But if you’re honest, you’ve probably experienced similar feelings in school, in a social situation, or at your job. For some young people, this fear is more than just an inconvenience. It can be terrifying. Middle and high school students want to fit in. They are at a point in their development where that is actually the most important driving force in their brains, so they don’t have the same ability as the adults in their lives to regulate that fear and think about it rationally.

Online tutoring can relieve that fear and boost your student’s confidence as well. When you take away the scary part of getting help, it becomes a lot easier to ask for help in the future. Our tutors place a priority on building their students’ confidence to encourage a positive view of learning. As subject area experts, they are enthusiastic about their content, and that enthusiasm is catchy! Your child doesn’t have to worry about feeling “less than” when they’re getting academic help from Train the Brain. Instead, they will start to feel better about themselves and more confident in their ability to overcome obstacles.

Train The Brain

With online tutoring through TTB, you not only get the positive impacts of the one-on-one attention your child needs, but you also avoid the added stressors to your schedule. Your student can access a tutor anywhere they have internet. With our competitive pricing for tutoring packages and homework help sessions easily scheduled online, you’re sure to find something to fit your budget and schedule. Still have questions? Feel free to reach out! Our support team will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the perfect solution to your child’s academic needs.


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